Fine Art

*All paintings can be purchased as archival giclee prints for the value minded collector.

'Mountain Optics'
acrylic on canvas 48"x48"
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Frank Stella has described Patrick’s work as “…very sophisticated…”

Artist Statement

Painting in its most meaningful role is a search for sublime truths. Emotional truths that cause deep feelings of wonder or joy, angst or fear, love or anger and the infinite combinations of emotions. Intellectual truths that cause even minor shifts in the paradigm of the viewer. The painter can be a channel that transfers power and meaning from the mysterious unknown places to human consciousness through these emotional states. The world that we live in satisfies all the curiosity that most people have with fairly shallow and temporary distractions. I find the most satisfaction in Art when I am able to say something in a piece that is profound and is comprehended by just one viewer. Those are the times that I consider the work successful.